Love In White by Creed Perfume Review

Love In White Perfume by Creed, 75 ml Millesime Eau De Parfum Spray for Women

Love In White by Creed is an overall magnificent scent that reaches out to you in a way to satisfy the soul. This fragrance reminds me of the feminine figure as she lays down on the white sands. Her long hair blowing in the wind as the waves approach her and gently touches her delicate skin. It is an amazing fragrance with an attractive bottle to say the least.

A stylish silver ribbon is displayed on the bottle to show off it's magnificent and hidden scent that is waiting to be revealed from inside the bottle. The orange zest from southern Spain will entrance your senses and remind you of the Spanish sensations and fulfillment. The Egyptian iris and the Italian white jasmine will bring you in closer to the intriguing aroma and floral passion that only a perfume from Creed can offer you.

The French Riviera daffodils, magnolia flower and the Bulgarian rose will sweep you off your feet as you breathe these magical aromas and let it envelop you with a longing for love to arrive. Love in White is a sweet bouquet of florals that is a step ahead of what you are normally used to. Unfortunately, the fragrance will not last a long time but will sure give you something to remember as you continue making those elaborate memories with it's use. I would have expected a longer lasting scent for the cost of this fragrance. So for that I am disappointed.

The bottle makes for a great display in your bathroom or dresser as it will spark the curiosity of on lookers wanting to know more about it. But overall, if you feel that you do not want to be overwhelmed with a strong and intoxicating scent, then you will have no problems with this fantastic fragrance. Check your skin chemistry with this perfume first before you ever decide to buy it. I wouldn't want you to purchase it then decide that it is not for you.

Top Notes: Orange zest from southern Spain.

Middle Notes: Young iridescent rice husk from Tonkin, Egyptian Iris, Italian White Jasmine, French Riviera Daffodils, Magnolia, Bulgarian Rose.

Base Notes: Vanilla, Ambergris, Mysore Sandalwood.

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  1. My boyfriend wear's this all the time. It is the sexiest smelling cologne.