Princess by Vera Wang Perfume Review

Vera Wang Princess perfume reminds me of the youthful, fun and sassy fragrance that young women love to own. This perfume is not as strong as it should be so you may want to spray yourself several times a day with it. Vera Wang Princess starts sweet and is quite refreshing and vibrant at first, then wears off gradually. It has a very warm and gentle vanilla undertone that reminds me of sweet and delicious cotton candy. It is a fun and well spirited fragrance for young people or for those who want to continue experiencing the sweet desires of youthful bliss.

I would probably get this for a teenager or a woman in her early 20s. The scent can give you the impression of many different and wonderful floral scents all bundled into one for you to enjoy and share with your loved ones. As the many different types of flowers come to me, it is the lily flower itself that overtakes my senses and to delight the soul with it's magical aroma.

This is a fragrance of a girl that doesn't take life too seriously and knows that while alive, you must have fun and always remain worry free. Vera Wang Princess allows a person to live life the way she wants and will let know one else come in between that choice. The water lily, lady apple and mandarin meringue display a flow of creative and vibrant aromas to entice your soul.

The apricot skin, ripe pink guava and the Tahitian flower reminds me of the tropical essence and passion that the wonderful fragrance entails. The wild tuberose, dark chocolate and the pink frosting accord gives a hint of warm passion that will remind you of those intimate times. While the precious amber, musk, chiffon and vanilla scents, breeze their way into the air to fully satisfy your appetite of a unique a wondrous fragrance.

So, I share this with you all as a highly recommended perfume for young people as a remembrance of it's wondrous scent, imprinted on your for times to come.

Fragrance Notes: Water Lily, Lady Apple, Mandarin Meringue, Apricot Skin, Ripe Pink Guava, Tahitian Flower, Wild Tuberose, Dark Chocolate, Pink Frosting Accord, Precious Amber, Musk, Chiffon, Vanilla.

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