Maria Sharapova Perfume Review

Maria Sharapova Perfume is an Eau De Parfum Spray. It has a sweet mandarin scent about it. 
I like the fresh Bergamot aroma that it entails.  This blends very well into an awesome lemongrass, pomegranate and cassis berries scent.

I actually love to smell this scent because it reminds me of an early spring with sweet aromas of that Jasmine that I love to experience. The sweet flowers of joy and desire seem to resonate everywhere when this is worn.  It is perfect for any occasion that beckons intimacy and enchantment! Not a bad fragrance and the bottle even looks nice.  The bottle kind of reminds me of Hypnose for women which is another great fragrance that I would recommend.

Maria Sharapova Perfume includes hints of Jasmine, Gardenia, Magnolia, Musk, Vanilla and White Amber.  The experience almost seems too good to be true!

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