Emporio Armani Diamonds for Men Cologne Review

Emporio Armani Diamonds for Men is a sweet and powerful cologne for men. Moderate use of this cologne is recommended because of how strong it can be. So, use it on your body much lighter than you would from any other of your colognes. It is displayed in clear fashionable glass bottle. Besides Aqua di Gio, this Armani fragrance would be my number two scent that I currently rate. Don't get me wrong, I have just about every Giorgio Armani fragrance, but I would have to say that this one would rank second for me and highly recommendable to any man.

When I first smelled it, I was blown away. Wearing this awesome fragrance give me a grand feeling of well being and initiative to accomplish my daily tasks accordingly. It give me the drive and energy I need to succeed in my life. This great cologne will last you through out the day with no way of wearing off. So, don't worry about itslong lasting effects because it sure does posses it.. Again, this is another one that turns heads and provides unlimited compliments for the ear to receive. I would recommend this for those at any age because it is timeless and its enduring feeling that it gives off is really quite refreshing.

The Bergamot, and the Guaiac give off an expression of excitement when you first spray it on. The Vetiver and Cedar aromas are quite exquisite and transitions itslef nicely together. The Szechuan Pepper, Cocoa, and Ambroxan provide the ultimate crisp finishing aroma to captivate the soul and mind with its long lasting scent. I also feel that this great fragrance has a wonderful feeling of romance and intimacy that only two people can bring. The aroma of its fine notes captivate the senses with such an overwhelming feeling of the desire to experience this fragrance more and more.

So if your in the mood for a great weekend and are thinking of a cologne to get yourself, this may be the one to amplify your weekend for the better. So if your not too worried about the price tag on this, then go grab yourself a bottle to experience what I mean and enjoy!

Fragrance Notes: Bergamot, Guaiac, Vetiver, Cedar, Szechuan Pepper, Cocoa, and Ambroxan.

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