Creed's Imperial Millesime Personal Review

Creed's Imperial Millesime smells like the most freshest watermelons with salt on top of them.  Now, I am not big on a watermelon type of scent but this one really comes out unique and vibrant to the nose.  If you have always hated smelling watermelons, you may want to give this one a chance for sure. This unique fragrance captures its own unique essence and twist about it.

I am a romantic person and I would have to say the this scent reminds me of some Mediterranean getaway while going out at night with your romantic lover. While wearing an open shirt you can see how your night can be transformed to Don Juan De Marco instantly with Millesime Imperiale.  Fit for royalty yet clean and genuinely ravishing to wear on the skin.

Very clean and brisk scent that can most often be worn going to the beach or any type of summer activity.  Fresh is what you smell in this fine fragrance. Although longevity will not last as long as it should. Perhaps 3-4 hours at most.
Top Notes include: Citrus marine scent, fruit and sea salt.
Middle notes include lemon, bergamot, iris and mandarin orange.
The base notes are: musk, woody and marine notes.  

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