Tonka Imperiale Guerlain for Women and Men Personal Review

Tonka Imperiale is no doubt one classy Tonka bean of a fragrance.  Although tonka bean and vanilla is it's main note content, words can't describe the feeling you get when you put it on your skin and enjoy its scent all day long.  Pure luxury at its finest and who can complain?

Although the price tag is a little steep reach around $250.00+ online, it s no wonder why this fragrance is so good to wear. The vanilla together with the tonka bean is quite a wonderful blend that work harmoniously together in this orchestra of aromatic flavors of its fine content.

Tonka Imepiale is a much sweeter fragrance than most men are used to since it is unisex. Although, it is also very bottle worthy to wear and experience. It's an amber tonka in a sweet honey tobacco haze that in the end is most delightful to process with your unique olfactory sense.

The note composition includes tonka, rosemary, spices, white honey, vanilla, almond, woody notes, amber and tobacco.

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