Versace Dreamer Personal Review

Versace dreamer although a unique type of tobacco scent is quite intriguing and let me tell you why.  Although it is an eau de toilette and not an eau de parfum, Vesace dreamer can be quite potent to use.  I mean it lasts all day and night. 2 sprays and you are good to go. Some use more but I don't.

Some say that it smells like gasoline, but to me it smells like more of a romantic kind of scent that you wear going on a date or to experience some form of animalistic passion with a woman.

The tobacco scent her is not overwhelming and is just right for the senses.  Just like with any other fragrance you have to check how it will play on your skin.

Top notes are: Clary sage, Lavender and Mandarin.
Middle notes include: Geranium, Rose and Tobacco
Base notes are cedar and Tonka Bean.

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