Terre d' Hermes Hermes for Men Personal Review

 Terre d' Hermes is a most earthy, woodsy and masculine scent.  It has been known as one of the better signature scents for today's modern man.  This fragrance comes in two versions which include the eau de toilette and eau de parfum.

They both last long and projection can be beast-like if you don't know how to wear it. But, in a good way. One spray in the back of the neck two spray on the chest and one on the wrist can be quite sufficient.

It screams masculinity and confidence for whatever man wears this.  The right amount can be quite complimenting to you while wearing too much can prove to give you a cloyiness effect about it. But, just like any other fragrance you must know how it can be worn before you can comfortably wear it daily.

This scent reminds me of the earthy grounds and the western, clean and brisk feel of it all. Not like Stetson of course but for a more refined man that has the confidence to take on the world.  A bottle of this is usually more that $100.00 and well worth the price due to its rich and aromatic notes that can make a woman go wild for a man.

Top notes are grapefruit and orange
Base notes are woodsy notes, oak moss and benzoin. 

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  1. I love the fragrance of Terre D'Hermes perfume. Even though it's for men, I am a woman and I wear it. Just received a bottle for my birrthday. I Love IT!