Incanto Dream Perfume Review

Incanto Dream Perfume is a fruity, floral scent that is completely different from Incanto Charms. It is softer than Charms but still has a fresh and clean smelling scent, altogether. You will notice the aromas of  apple, musk, and a little bit of pineapple mixed with some peony and freesia. This scent also reminds me of spring and summer time,  but I’m sure that is could be worn year round with no problems at all.

It is definitely a feminine fragrance that is a bit flirty and attractive. Incanto Dream is the perfect name for this fragrance because all the notes blend well together and smell somewhat dreamy and alluring. It is a crisp and fresh scent that lasts a long time but it remains close to the skin.

You can say that it is a very beautiful floral scent with pineapple, pink lady apple, mango, white florals and just a hint of musk. The apple note is very crisp and realistic. The pineapple mixes wonderfully with the mango and apple. This long-lasting aroma with sillage stays quite close to the skin.

It also definately has plenty of flowery semi-sweet goodness to go around for everyone to enjoy! It’s fresh in the beginning without being to airy or sharp. It has a clean feel to it throughout its entire life.Here, the sweetness if very toned down, something I very appreciate and value the most. This just might be the best Incanto fragrance yet.

Fragrance Notes:

Top Notes:  Pink Lady Apple, Pineapple, Mango, Blackcurrant.
Middle Notes:  Peony, Freesia.
Base Notes:  Musk, Sandalwood.

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