Colognes for Men - Colognes that Make Women Love Men!


There are so many sophisticated colognes for men, you would have to wonder what to choose.  Do you leave it up you partner or spouse or do you go out and choose the one that best suites your needs, character and distinction? 

Some men leave it up to their mothers or wait til they get a fragrance for Christmas. Unbelievable!


But, there is that certain man out there that truly knows his colognes and can distinguish them very well.  These kind of men have a certain sense of smell that goes above and beyond the average Joe that is out there in today's society.

You can consider these men to be either "Metro-Sexual," business like or the true sophisticate that would love nothing more than to not only look and feel his best, but also dress to impress too. 

Here are some images of the many popular colognes for men that woman truly love on them. If we go down the line, we will see Calvin Klein's Ck-Be, Acqua di Gio, Eternity, Hugo and Miracle pour Homme to name a few.

What a woman loves most about a man, will not only be the look and how he carries himself, it will be on how nice he smells and how he can carry his image when out in public. 

Appealing to the simple interaction of other people around him will suit him best of all, wouldn't you think? 

If it is his will to indeed attract the opposite sex with his scent then, maybe his true intentions will manifest onto others that are willing to be seduced by his charm, appeal and his alluring factor.

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  1. I prefer man's natural small over any cheap cologne. Is not that much difference in price. You don't have to buy designer cologne, you can find good smelling colognes for about 15$. I personaly go crasy for T. Hilfiger colognes.