So Many Perfumes to Choose From! Which One Is For Me?


There are so many perfumes these, I figured it was so much easier to get a good feel on how each of them are instead of going to the store and smelling each and everyone over time. 

Let's face it, it would take a lifetime to go out and smell each and every perfume that is available or has been available for years. I wouldn't mind spending each day smelling the many different varieties of fragrances out there.  

If there is something very true about an aromatic fragrance is that it can really allow you to remember a single moment in time that you felt or experienced with someone or something.  Perfumes allow us to recollect moments of our past that we will never foget. While at the same time create new and exciting memories!


That can definitely be quite time consuming so take a look at the below fragrances to see if any of them suit your fancy for what matches your personality, character and that certain distinction that only you can possess.  

If you are a woman that loves and feel how perfumes make you feel than you can clearly understand how choosing the best one that suits your needs can be quite important.  

You defintely don't want to end up with something you don't like to wear. Unless you give it away to some poor soul that has to accept it becuase they want to be nice to you.  Never the less the enticement and amplification that perfumes can truly give us is second to none.

There is nothing better than smelling your best and making an impact each and every time you step foot out in today's society.

I personally like the new Chanel No 5, Prada and the Estee Lauder "Beautiful".  Which one is your favorite?

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