Miracle: Perfume Review

Miracle for Women is the original brand name fragrance from Lancôme. It is a wonderful, fruity scent that does not last long on your skin at all. It is a light and refreshing scent that expresses a light pink spray bottle. It can definitely display well on your dresser, along with your other collections, for you ladies.

You can say that this perfume is now a classic Miracle fragrance that Lancôme produces now. The Lychee and Freesia aroma brings out the wonderful floral scent that reminds me of beautiful women running through a field of colorful and beautiful flowers. This is a sight to see for any man, let me tell you.

The magnolia, ginger and pepper notes compliment it quite well with an exceptional distinction only a fragrance of this kind can only produce. The musky amber and jasmine notes finish it off quite well. For the senses that can enjoy a subtle and gentle fragrance, that is light enough to not overwhelm or intoxicate either. I would recommend this fragrance for use after the shower and on to bed because of the limited longevity that it possesses.

I always enjoy a strong and mellow scent on a woman. If a perfume can last a women all day long than I think that it is always going to be a keeper in my book. That is just my take on it. Other people may feel differently. It is just that this fragrance, although great smelling does not seem to be worth the price if the fragrance notes will not deliver a long lasting aroma that would appeals to the sensibility and character of it. I would not buy another and throw away my money for a weak scented fragrance for wife.

A 1.7 oz sized bottle can run you about $50 while the 3.4 oz can cost you around $65 or so. Overall, it is a nice and sweet smelling fragrance but I am not sure that its limited lasting effects will be enough for an effective purchase of this item. Then again that is your call, so enjoy it in abundance!

Top Notes: Lychee and Freesia.
Middle Notes: Magnolia, Ginger and Pepper.
Base Notes: Musk, Amber and Jasmine.

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