Armani Mania for Men: Cologne Review

Armani Mania for cologne is quite a sensual fragrance for men. It is for the man who has taste and elegance The style of the fragrance is not too overpowering either. It is very popular with the ladies to say the least. I have gotten quite a few compliments from it and it has always left women wondering what it actually is. I can’t believe the responses that I have received because of their curiosity and intrigue about this particular fragrance.

Armani Mania for men is definitely an intimate and romantic fragrance for men to absolutely share the wonderful experiences that can be created by the scent itself. It is by far a taste of elegance and intrigue, to allure the senses of its magical and desirable influences, a man can truly offer a woman or his wife. The bottle is of a light colored fragrance that enhances and can definitely amplify your life and the people around you. Do you know that women love a great smelling man and have you noticed the attention men get vs. those who do not attempt to even smell the least bit great? Then, you will see that you will have the advantage, way ahead of the competition to understand these things. Can you imagine the amazing things that you can pull off with this fragrance?

The women will definitely come rolling in as you demonstrate to them, that for a person to wear this cologne, it can only come from a gentlemen that lives for the passion of the night and for life itself. This fragrance will bring this out to you. The langerine leaves and saffron aromas bring out their first impression that you can notice right away. Their fruity essence can be appreciated in ways of the spring and summer seasons often do.

Armani Mania is an aroma of a crisp and delightful scent to captivate your senses and desires, for the achievement of creating that special moment with your loved one. Then the cedar and vetiver arrive to bring out that intriguing and distinctive taste of seduction that only a man can give a woman. Finally, the amber and musk aromas create a long lasting effect of aromatic flavors, to satisfy the minds of those around you. An interesting twist to an already magnificent fragrance for men.

Top Notes: Tangerine Leaves, Saffron.
Middle Notes: Cedar, Vetiver.
Base Notes: Amber, Musk.


  1. It is a sparkling floral aromatic designer perfume suitable for everyday wear. Nice and light but with good staying power. It is designed to enhance a womans inner beauty.

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