Miracle So Magic: Perfume Review

Miracle So Magic perfume is a light fragrance full of fantastic delight and wonder. Besides the original Miracle for women, this fragrance holds its longevity through out most of the day. I am also quite impressed on how it smells on my lady. I like it far better than the original miracle fragrance. I would have to tell you that the floral scents of Miracle so Magic has to offer is unparallel to anything else that I have ever smelled.

Miracle So Magic's rich and fantastic floral aroma captivates my soul as my lady walks by with it. Quite an entrancing experience to say the least. You have to know that not too many fragrances offer this kind of satisfaction for the soul like Miracle so Magic. Lets face it, if I was a woman, I would buy this perfume for myself but since I am not then I will just stick with the common sophisticated male colognes. No pun intended. This perfume certainly grabs my attention as my wife walks out of the bedroom and the scent resonates and leaves a trail of sweet desire begging me to grab her and romance her all night long.

It draws me in closer so that the intimacy between us develops into something much more. The dog rose is the first impression you will get as you spray this on your body. Then, the narcissus and clover leaf arrive to captivate the senses with its sweet delight and vigor. You can really appreciate these middle notes quite well as you absorb them beautifully within you. It just makes you want more of it, you know? To finish it off, the vanilla arrives and stays quite long lasting as all of the notes blend in together, making a perfect harmony base fragrance.

I would recommend this fragrance for those intimate and romantic occasions for you and your loved one. The memories that it creates, as the intimacy is being explored and attained, will be long lasting to say the least.

Miracle So Magic perfume really makes for a special fragrance that I have known to associate my wife with every time. I would highly recommend this one for the charming women out there that really know how to captivate their men accordingly. It takes a special touch to pull this off and this is the one that makes it happen.

Top Notes: Dog Rose.
Middle Notes: Narcissus and Clover Leaf.
Base Notes: Vanilla.

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