Ubar by Amouage: Perfume Review

Ubar Eau de parfum is named after a long lost Arabian city uncovered by archeologists in 1992. Ubar is a bright and uplifting floral fragrance with a warm and passionate heart. The Bergamot and lemon notes come I to provide a citrusy aroma that one can expect from such a premium fragrance.
Then, the lily of the valley, Damascus rose and jasmine set in to provide a distinct and flowery essence that can be described as absolutely fabulous for the senses. Finally the civet and vanilla set in their warm flavors to make the impression that needs to be mage most effectively and everlasting. Ubar is made for a woman, not a girl.
As with all the Amouage fragrances, its craftsmanship is exquisite and its fragrance notes are of premium quality. Ubar would be marvelous on an August night, but it is fresh enough for day, too. Ubar can be considered as a summer fragrance. An experience that is equal to none.
Fragrance Notes: Bergamot, lemon, lily of the valley, damascene rose, jasmine, civet, vanilla

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