Romance for Men: Cologne Review

Romance cologne for men is a classy, romantic and designer fragrance for men that truly know what the meaning of life is. Romance eau toilette is for the sweet hearted sophisticated man that knows how to run a fine family and his own life, quite as well. The scent is that of a premium Ralph Lauren scent that will not
wear out easily. The bottle may come in a 1.7 oz or 3.4 oz size bottles. It is a classic look the resembles the sheik and excellence a man has to offer his lady in romantic occasions.

None the less, Romance for Men shows off an immaculate display on the dresser for any well established gentleman. I consider Romance cologne for men a part of my immaculate collection of fine and premium fragrances. The Pistachio Leaves, Iced Lavender, Mandarin Peel can remind you of the sexiness a man can possess while wearing this great fragrance.

The Fresh Wood of Wacapou, Indian Basil signifies a hint of passion and distinction in a man's sense of character and willingness to be known and adored. The Wild Tiger Lily enhances the man's perception and increases his full awareness of life. The Bristle Cone Pine and Sheer Vetiver blend personifies a masterpiece that is mixed together in harmony with this scented aroma. As the clean musk will deliver the masculinity and strength a man carries with him.

A truly great blend of wondrous notes to soak in and experience fully. I hope that you can enjoy the same response as a man. This cologne has been known to raise eyebrows and receive an abundant supply of sweet comments from the opposite sex, let me tell you. But if you have a significant other don't make it too obvious. I have come to enjoy and really experience the true feeling of this wonderful fragrance and all that it truly has to offer. I receive this wondrous and special bottle from my wife on my birthday and I have really enjoyed its illustrious wonders that it truly possess.

I have witnessed great men wearing such a fragrance and it is by far one of the most superb, to say the least. So for the men, go grab a bottle for yourself today. If you are a woman, then make it a great gift for your loved one in your life!

Top Notes: Pistachio Leaves, Iced Lavender, Mandarin Peel.

Middle Notes: Fresh Wood of Wacapou, Indian Basil, Wild Tiger Lily

Base Notes: Bristle Cone Pine, Sheer Vetiver blend, Clean Musk.

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