Hypnose Homme: Cologne Review

Hypnose Homme is a great and wonderful fragrance for men that represents the joys and prosperities of life and all that I has to offer. I would definitely rank this one up there with Aqua di Gio. It is a fresh and exhilarating fragrance to enhance and amplify your mind and soul for the better. It usually reminds me of the places that I traveled too. The name itself represents a hypnotic essence that a man experiences while wearing this cologne.

Hypnose Homme should never be underestimated and definitely taken seriously. Relax, you will have fun wearing this fantastic fragrance as you make new memories with your loved ones. It can be used for both casual and romantic encounters the same. The scent is a long lasting scent that will be sure to stay with you for most of the day without wearing off completely. So, if you are with your lady, you can rest assured that this fragrance will definitely hold its own in that department. The glass display of the bottle is showed in a twisted cylinder-like shape to feature its design and sophistication, to its upmost expressional fortitude. I have my bottle in a 2.5 oz and it cost me around $50 at the time of purchase. The scent is unforgettable and amazing, to say the least. The creators of this fragrance have really out did themselves this time around.

At first the bergamot, calabrian mandarin, chinese cardamom and mint, reach out to your senses with their expressional delights, while the lavender comes in to soothe and calm down the top notes. To finish it off, the amber, patchouli and musk smoothly set in to deliver the long lasting and endurance of this cologne for men. I highly recommend this exceptional fragrance for men, as I am sure it will deliver the high qualities and expectations that you can truly expect from a premium type of fragrance.

Soon as I wore this, I automatically felt renewed, refreshed and replenished. I was ready to proceed with my life and conquer the world at hand. The woman in your life will always remember you and your situation as you wear this fantastic fragrance for her. I have received many compliments on this one and would consider it one of my most intriguing and favorites scents that I have truly ever owned in my life. All in all, it will make a great gift for birthdays or fathers day! So enjoy!

Top Notes: Bergamot, Calabrian Mandarin, Chinese Cardamom and Mint.
Middle Notes: Lavender
Base Notes: Amber, Patchouli and Musk.

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