Gucci Pour Homme II: Cologne Review

Gucci Pour Homme II is displayed in a square glass spray container. Its fancy style and demeanor is well know for the Gucci line of products for men. The inner contents are of a blueish fragrance that at first, smell like a light and refreshing scent for.

This fragrance is more for the formal and well dressed occasion. You can also use this fragrance for work or business functions, as it is for the professional and sophisticated career person. While his goals are set for prosperity and the enhancement of his own life. Check your skin chemistry before you try this one on. Even though Gucci for men colognes are quite popular to say the lease, I am sure that you will find out that this fragrance delivers a unique package of expression and sophistication in its core essence.

So, if you are ready to continue the life of a goal oriented and career driven man than this one is definitely for you. This fragrance is not for the lazy man that doesn’t want to do or accomplish anything real in his life. So, go out there and express how you really feel and the passion that you can bring to yourself and others while wearing Gucci Pour Homme II.

I have come to admire the respect of Gucci colognes for men and what they have to offer as far as distinction goes. You may or may not find that it is entirely right for you. So, a good test drive of it on your skin will suit you just fine. The bergamot and violet leaves take on its first expression as it sets on your skin, while the pimento, black tea, cinnamon, gradually set in afterwards, for the distinction of a man’s essence. To finish it off, the tobacco leaves, musk, myrrh and olive wood arrive to set in a light and semi enduring lasting effect for the skin and its chemistry.

The character, look and feel of this cologne for men is that of a well rounded gentleman that has his motives set right in life, while he can still maintain his family, that respects and looks up to him. A 3.4 oz sized bottle will cost you around $55 while the 1.7 oz sized spray bottle will cost you around $40. I am sure that you can find this fantastic fragrance in cheaper online places, like I did previously. Good luck!

Top Notes: Bergamot, Violet Leaves.
Middle Notes: Pimento, Black Tea, Cinnamon.
Base Notes: Tobacco Leaves, Musk, Myrrh, Olive Wood.

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