Dior Homme Intense Personal Review

First off, what can I say, besides the original Dior Homme, I would have to say that Dior Homme intense is really what it is.  More intense than the original and maybe longer lasting.  The iris and the vanilla notes are the most prominent notes that you will experience here.  The bottle is hard to find and you may not be able to find it in too many places.  Looking for it online is your best bet so far.  So how can I describe Dior Homme Intense?

So far it is one of my favorites and the notes make this cologne for men quite memorable. From the house of Dior, it was launched in 2007.  I get many compliments on this fragrance every time I wear it.  Upon first use you may have to get used to the Iris note.  Although for me it was one of the best notes that make this fragrance quite unique and different from the rest of them.

Some people say that there is a lipstick or makeup bag scent to this fine fragrance.  I guess people can think what they like in their minds but when it comes down to it it is the iris and vanilla that is most prominent and if you can understand a fragrance and its notes, than you can wear it easier with a better understanding on how this could be one of the best signature scents that you can wear today.

Top notes include lavender
Middle notes are iris, ambrette (musk mallow) and pear
Base notes are vetiver and virginia cedar.

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