Finding Discontinued Perfumes

By Wayne McCornwell

Have you ever discovered that perfect perfume that you simply absolutely love, and then before you know it, it has vanished off of the market? Then, of course, you ask about it only to find out the scent has been discontinued. WHAT? We've all been there. We know precisely how you are feeling.

So, now you have a couple of options. First, you can buy up every bottle of the scent at numerous other retail locations to get that stock pile built up for several years to come. 2nd, you can start the process of trying to find another scent that suits your taste.

instead of going to extremes and having to store all those extra scent bottles or spending months and wasting money attempting to find the right scent for you, you do have other options, because there are many other ways that you can find a canned perfume once it disappears from the shelf at the store.

The maker : When looking for a product that you can't find anywhere, the very first thing you must do is check the source itself. ( The company who made the product. ) the best way to do that is generally by calling the customer service number that every manufacturer offers. If they have any extra stock ( and most of the time they do ), they'd be happy to sell it to you to keep them from needing to store it. Also, they just might sell it to you at a reduction price!

Discount scent Stores : Yes, these stores do exist. Just like with other bargain stores, they happen to purchase inventory overstock directly from the manufacturer and then offer it at a discounted price. If there are any of your favorite discontinued scent left, you will certainly be in a position to find it at one of these specialty stores. Even if you do not have one of these stores in your local area, a great way to find one is through the employment of the internet. Look up the phone number for a discount perfume store, then just call them and ask them if they have the smell. Mostly, you can purchase the canned perfume over the phone, and then they'll ship it to you.

The Net : Besides using the internet to locate a discount perfume store, you may also use it in a selection of other ways to find that special abandoned perfume that is dying out by the day. Take a look at the various auction sites and also do a search for the name of your perfume. Nine chances out of ten, you will be able to locate someone who has additional bottles available for you to purchase

Just because your favorite scent has now become a dropped perfume does not mean that you will not have access to it any longer, and it doesn't mean that you have to start acting like a hoarder in order to ensure that you've got the perfect scent for you.

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