Exactly What Is Aromatherapy?

By Peter Bertochhyt

Aromatherapy may be something that you've heard about but don't know very much about. You may like to know more about aromatherapy so I'd like to tell you a little of the history and applications for aromatherapy.

The term aromatherapy comes from around'20. At that time a French chemist by the name of Maurice Gattefosse had a vat of lavender oil in his laboratory as he was studying the healing effects of essential oils. There was a fire in his laboratory.

One of the results of fire at the laboratory was that his arm was burnt so he put his arm into the back of lavender oil. The experienced immediate pain relief and found that the burns healed extremely fast without scarring.

Other scientist followed up on the work of Maurice Gattefosse during world war 2 when many soldiers were burnt and also experienced all sorts of other life changing wounds. Research was done into the use of essential oils on burns and various other wounds.

In fact aromatherapy has been around for thousands of years under various names. It has always been the art of using various oils from plants and the scents that those oils produced for very pleasant and sometimes healing effects on people with health conditions.

However, despite claims to the contrary, aromatherapy is not actually a "cure" for any particular diseases. Rather what it does is to help sufferers of illnesses cope with their illnesses by aiding their mental state.

It seems that there are indeed a range of psychological benefits from the beautiful scents derived from essential plant oils and these psychological benefits to assist sufferers of illnesses to cope with their disease. Whilst aromatherapy does not cure the disease it does elevate the mood, reduce fear and stress and relax disease sufferers. This helps them cope with the illness.

And in some cases it can also help reduce their dependence on some prescription drugs, for example some pain killers, sleeping tablets, indigestion cures, skin care solutions and so on.

Different people have different reactions to the scents from different plant oils. Many people actually utilize the principles of aromatherapy right now without even knowing it. Many, for example, fill out home with various oils and perfumes because they like the smell. They are using the principles of aromatherapy will stop

Maybe it's you that has an illness that you are dealing with. I won't claim that aromatherapy will be a magic cure. It isn't. However don't give up on aromatherapy just because it won't cure the disease. It can still do many magical things fir your overall psychological well-being and mental state. It is that affect will help you deal with your illness.

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