10 Scentsational Designer Perfumes to Get Her for Christmas

10 Scentsational Designer Perfumes to Get Her for Christmas by Roddy Jones

Designer products are often associated with glamor and beauty. This is why designer perfumes are closer to the hearts of women than men. Designer essences are women's best friend, ranking right up there with diamonds, mineral make-up, Prada pumps, Fendi bags – okay, you get the idea. Women have a lot of best friends. But I digress. When women buy designer perfume, believe you me it is no frivolous purchase. In fact, it is a smart buy. Designer perfumes are subjected to several quality tests and refinements before they are deemed to have reached total perfection. Then, and only then, are they sent out for distribution.

So, why buy designer perfumes? The reason is obvious. Designer perfumes do not only smell better and last longer, they have safer formulation. This coming holiday, give your woman the gift of fragrances. You can't go wrong with these scents.

1. Vera Wang for Women by Vera Wang

The perfect fragrance for a night about town, Vera Wang for Women by Vera Wang lets her smell like a garden - literally. She can bring a whiff of gardenia, calla lilies, and rose paired with soft wood when she spritzes it on before take her out for an evening out. In a roomful of heavily perfumed women, Vera Wang for Women's refreshing floral scent will make your woman stand out.

2. Red Door for Women by Elizabeth Arden

Red Door for Women is not a recently released line. In fact, it has been on the shelves for a long time. Still, it remains a bestseller and a classic to this day. Get your woman one and grin in bliss as she smells of peaches, plums, and jasmine all day long.

3. Beyond Paradise by Estee Lauder

What's the one thing that's better than being in paradise? Being beyond paradise - theoretically, anyway. This may not be possible literally but this perfume from the house of Estee Lauder can certainly transport you there - scentsationally! With Beyond Paradise, your woman will smell of all things beautiful and tropical - with the slightest dash of honeysuckle to tease and please.

4. Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana

Great for daywear and nighttime use, Light Blue is light all right. It carries the scents of bamboo and jasmines and ties these two up together with just the slightest hint of apple. She can wear this every day without smelling like one of those older-than-the-dinosaurs, more-brittle-than-parchment, heavily perfumed old ladies.

5. Marc Jacobs for Women

You know what makes this designer perfume special? It's the very first one Marc Jacobs produced for women. While the name could use some imaginative tweaking, the scent does not require any tinkering. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? And Marc Jacobs for Women is far from broke, it's addicting. She will smell like she just bathed in honeysuckle, jasmine, and gardenias.

6. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

Women like Sarah Jessica Parker. No, scratch that. They love her. In fact, they love her so much they would trade you in for the chance to become her - or at least step into her shoes. Why not get her something from SJP herself? Lovely is for the woman who wants a casual but noticeable fragrance. It is a beautiful mixture of orchids and lavender.

7. Live by J.Lo

Who better to come out with a designer perfume named Live than the woman who sang "Let's get loud!"? And that is exactly what Live is - lively and loud. It's a scent that is guaranteed to get her noticed. After all, most women smell of flowers. How many can you name who smell like she bathed in vanilla, pineapple, and sandalwood?

8. Envy by Gucci

This designer perfume was created in the late 90s but remains popular even to this day. She can use this all day - and you would want her to, too, because the combination of jasmines and lilies of the valley is a scent so lovely it inspires envy.

9. Versace Woman by Versace

Want her to smell like berries? Get her a bottle of Versace Woman!

10. Ralph Lauren Blue for Women

This perfume has been around the block for some time. However, it's one of the good ones. It can easily give newer designer perfumes a run for their money. Get her this fragrance. Once you sniff the gardenias, peonies, and sandalwood on her, you won't feel blue. You will feel - okay - let's settle for the adjective 'happy'.

Designer perfumes are must-haves in a woman's bag of goodies. Get her one and you'll surely make her happy.

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