Provocative Interlude: Perfume Review

Provocative Interlude Perfume simply smells great and I would recommend it for just about anybody. It is in a tall purple bottle and the scent is indescribable to say the least! To me, it smells like the color purple and of its floral essence. I like this scent on my lady all the time because there is just something about it, you know? It has a sexy sensualness to it that I especially like to smell in bed. The aromas of a light and purplish floral scent entices your overall senses.

Interlude perfume is a fragrance that will definitely be hard to forget. I usually remember the scent each time my wife wears it and I tell her all the time how wonderful it smells on her. Of course, since she has other perfumes she doesn't wear this one quite often. When the bottle runs out I will definitely get her another one. I usually get her the 3.4 oz bottled size spray that can be found in just about any popular department store.

Its fragrance is uncanny and I cannot stress enough how this one is just one of my favorites. Sometimes she wears it too work and I tell her that she is just wasting it away because she is not really using it for me. How about that, huh? I supposed that maybe now she will listen to me when she see this one and tell herself how nice the fragrance really is?

I hope that others will be able to know this scent as I have. I believe perfumes amplify the joy and happiness of life for yourself and for others that surround you. Something to think about perhaps, no? It also looks quite nice displayed on top of the dresser or a sophisticated looking perfume tray in the bathroom area along with your other perfume collections.

Sometimes perfumes can help you sleep gently in to the night and I believe that it helps my wife do just that, for the nights that she decides to wear this fragrance. This one definitely sets the mood accordingly and if you haven't smelled this fragrance before then you should immediately. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. It reminds me of a woman running though a patch of lovely purple flowers as her hands are slightly touching each of them as she goes by.

I remember a time when we were traveling and all I could think of is this lovely scent and how it just reminded me of her and the location that we were at. Quite a memorable experience to have had in the past. I like for her to spray this wondrous Elizabeth Arden perfume all over her body. The bottle has a nice white design that is displayed at its exterior and it has a slight curve design to it. This will make a great gift for a special loved one indeed. So go for it!

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