Prada: Perfume Review

Prada for women is an elegant, classy and expensive perfume. Prada Perfume for women can sometimes be described as a very feminine and sensual fragrance. Its elegant and powdery aroma can make a great gift for anniversaries and special occasions. It can be used for either the office or for a romantic dinner occasion, as well. I would have to say that this fragrance can be very androgynous at times. Its unisex characteristics and are not so bad at all either. Prada Perfume for women is not too overpowering, as it can be quite sexy, light and refreshing at the same time. I truly love this wonderful scent on a woman!

Prada perfume reminds me of the classy, sensual and elegant composition, a woman can only possess. It draws me in so seductively as I cannot take myself away from it. At the moment of intimacy you will understand what I mean. As a man today, I would have to say that this is probably one of my favorites on a woman and to say that would be an understatement. Especially, if you feel that you have found that special woman in your life and you really want to go all out and get her something. Perhaps maybe this is something that you can consider for the future.

At first the bergamot, bitter orange, mandarin, and mimosa absolute notes provide the essential and fruity flavors to start this adventure off the right way. Prada perfume is an amazing floral scent to say the least! Then, the rose absolute, Indonesian patchouli and patchouli absolute will indicate a unique and distinction that one can only acquire from a premium Prada fragrance. Finally, the labdanum, tonka bean, vanilla, Indian sandalwood, benzoin resinoide provide the ultimate premium finishing touch to an already immaculate fragrance for the senses, to satisfactorily take in.

This one is definitely an immediate attention grabber but not in a bad way. Prada Perfume for women is incomparable with any other fragrance and I am sure that you will probably make this your individual “Signature Scent”. So, if you are looking to get compliments galore, then this would be the fragrance for you. So, if you are serious about a fragrance that will with stand the test of time and that is quite popular, then you do not want to miss out on this one! Quite a unique scent!

Top Notes: Bergamot, Bitter Orange, Mandarin, Mimosa Absolute.

Middle Notes: Rose absolute, Indonesian Patchouli, Patchouli Absolute.

Base Notes: Labdanum, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Indian Sandalwood, Benzoin Resinoide.

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