Pleasures Exotic Perfume Review

Pleasures Exotic for women is a tropical and fruity-like scent that can overwhelm the senses with such a satisfaction as it can only offer. The mango fruitiness of it is a great new touch as it resonates throughout your experience of wearing it. It smells great on my wife and I would highly recommend it to any female. It is a fun, fruity and exciting scent for your senses to explore and take in. The bottle resembles an oval like display with a white flowery exterior design.

The liquid is clear and the scent is just fabulous on women. I think out of all the Pleasure perfume brands out there, that this one is my ultimate favorite to smell on her. It definitely lasts much longer than the other ones and can be quite an entertaining scent for a man to experience on his lady. Every time she wears it, she is always in a great and exciting mood. So, I can anticipate the rest of the evening to go quite well for us. Probably the biggest feeling of this is knowing that she feels excellent and calm with herself. When your woman feels great than you know all will be just fine. It is a kind of feeling that is safe and close to the heart.

This fragrance can bring it out to her as she sprays her body all over. This perfume reminds me of the tropical rain forest mists that you can be soothed from after a nice hot day. At first, the Pink Grapefruit and Mango express themselves with such a delightful aroma. Then the Green Leaves, Peony, Hibiscus, Lychee and Cassis come together and blend themselves in, to create a smooth flow of tropical delight, pleasure and exquisiteness. Finally, the great mixture of the Sandalwood, Amber and Violet Woods finish it off with the long lasting scent that a great Estee Lauder fragrance can only bring to the table. So enjoy!

Top Notes: Pink Grapefruit, Mango.

Middle Notes: Green Leaves, Peony, Hibiscus, Lychee, Cassis.

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Amber and Violet Woods.

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