Paris Hilton for Men: Cologne Review

Paris Hilton Eau Toilette for men is quite an extraordinary fragrance. It is displayed in a tall blue spray bottle with several white designs on its outer exterior. It is a scent of summer, freshness, vibrancy, blue summer flavors and passion for the man who wear this. It reminds me of a night out when close to the beach. Perhaps enjoying a fine restaurant with your loved one. I could walk by with this scent on me and the air around me would just capture its essence and character. I usually like to wear this fragrance for work, as it has a hint of sophistication for that well dressed man that loves to always look good.

Appearance is necessary and this fragrance brings it out more out of you. It can also be considered a night fragrance if you ever decide to go out to the clubs to enjoy the night away. The bottle seems pretty durable and the scent seems to last you all day so you will not have to worry about spraying yourself with more as the day goes by. I would recommend a light and fair amount of spray when using it on your clothes and body.

So for the lady that likes to hang around a great smelling man, you will have no doubt that this fragrance will deliver it's fine message. The price of the big bottle is quite reasonable and not too expensive as other designer fragrances can get. You should be able to find a pretty decent price for this online, if you look good enough. So, you should find yourself in a great position as a man if you were to receive this by your girlfriend, spouse or significant other for any favorable occasion that may arise. Just a thought.

Overall, I would recommend this average scent for regular daily use and for daily business attire. So go and grab yourself a bottle and enjoy this fine well suited fragrance for men!

Fragrance notes include: White Sage, Energetic Juniper Bud, Modern Hydroponic Basil, Moroccan Cedar wood, Hypnotic Cucumber and Primal Bare Amber.

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