Mediterranean Perfume for Women

Mediterranean by Elizabeth Arden is by far one of my most favorite fragrances that I have smelled. It is a unique blend of the Mediterranean style and intrigue that only a unique fragrance can possess. It is a scent that enhances your senses and delights your life in such a way as family
does in our worlds. It is a light, creamy, powdery, florals, musk, wood and amber scent.

This is a pleasant, fruity, slightly sweet fragrance which is not too overpowering. The scent may not last a long as you expect but rest assured that the experience that felt when wearing such a perfume will leave a lasting impression on you as well as others around you. The bottle is displayed in a dark blue glass bottle that sits well in a dresser or cosmetic storage area for women.

The scent is quite a delight to wear when you are going out to eat and enjoying a nice and romantic time with your loved one. The peach nectar sorbet, Sicilian mandarin and damask plum, gives the impression of a fruity Mediterranean breeze that is second to none. The wisteria, star magnolia and the Madagascar orchid represent the Mediterranean spicy passion that you are about to encounter for that intimate and exotic evening of passion. The sandalwood, musk and amber gives off a warm and subtle distinction of excellence only one that wears this fragrance can full enjoy and understand. I love to smell this on my wife as we go out and enjoy the evening together.

The aroma of passion in this fragrance is indescribable and I just simply love it's essence. It draws me in closer and closer to her as if we were in the Mediterranean experiencing the joy and affection of each other. If I can think of another scent that is comparable to this one I would have to tell you know that nothing else comes to mind. As this scent is in a class all of it's own.

So, the next time you decide to buy her something special, may it be this aroma of divinity and delight. As I cannot imagine anything that tops this perfume that only a true diva of life can be satisfied by.

Top Notes: Peach Nectar Sorbet, Sicilian Mandarin, Damask Plum.

Middle Notes: Wisteria, Star magnolia, Madagascar Orchid.

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Musk, Amber.

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