Look by Vera Wang: Perfume Review

Look by Vera Wang reminds me of the crisp citrusy scent that a sophisticated women would love to wear. It smells more like a formal type of scent indicating a career woman hard at work. Yet, she still portrays the proper sophistication to take control of the day and make the big decisions that she needs to make in her life and job.

So yes, I would say that this Vera Wang fragrance would be for work and the business-like attire alike. But that is not to say this fragrances scent is too strong or anything like that. I also definitely recommend this for summer time use. The scent just lasts all day long as I adore the freshness and sensuality of it. I actually get to smell this wondrous fragrance on her often as she usually wears it for work.

So when the routine of wearing such a wonderful crispy and floral scent sets in, then you know a sensual woman is around. I also think that besides the formal and work attire that it may express, I believe that it can also possesses romantic and sensual assets too. It depends on the person who is wearing this and the skin of the wearer, as well. But if you have a wife or girlfriend that wears this scent just right, then you may just have yourself a winner. This fragrance does come as highly recommended as I love this new and refreshing scent that definitely captivates my senses and soul with its sweet desires of passion and delight.

The scent also reminds me of either going to the beach or going to a pool area where water and fun is around. Somehow, the two mix in just fine because of its sexiness and the desire to turn me on at the same time, if you know what I mean. As a woman wears this fabulous scent, I'm sure that they will keep in mind the attractiveness and romance that they portray as they skip through life with such a vibrant fragrance as this one definitely gives off.

I hope to see more wonderful things from the designer, Vera Wang and her future initiatives to produce great perfumes, such as this one. The bottle looks like a clear type of citrusy looking flavor with an appropriate appearance and hint of a sophisticated design, as well. Who knows if
they will come out with a different flavor next summer. I guess we will have to wait and see about that one. Until then, this is yet another fragrance that you wouldn't want to pass by. So go try it!

Top Notes: Mandarin, Watery greens, Lychee, Golden Delicious apple.

Middle Notes: Lily, Freesia, Jasmine.

Base Notes: Vanilla, Skin musk, Oakmoss, Patchouli.

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