Honore’s Trip Perfume Review

Honore’s Trip Eau de Toilette, feels like an overall healthy fragrance that could probably cure any health ailments, so it would seem by the scent of it. It has a very distinctive citrusy flavor and aroma about that contains tangerines, oranges, green and yellow lemons.

Honore’s Trip bursts with sunlight and is intensely bracing, Honoré’s Trip reminds me of the morning time with the bright sun shining through the windows and on to your face to replenish your soul.

Although Honore’s Trip is indicative of a peppery and pimento scent, it provides that certain level of distinction and character. It can remind you of a Mediterranean morning, waking up to the perfect satisfaction of the world around you.

Fragrance Notes: Pure tangerine extract, Mediterranean oranges, yellow and green lemons, pepper, pimento and resins.

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