Bois du Portugal by Creed: Perfume Review

Bois du Portugal by Creed starts off as an all cedar and more ambiguous woods... a sweetness crept in after about a half hour and stayed the entire time, dancing in and out with the woods for the entire four hours this stayed noticeable on my skin... there is a bit of booze to it, and perhaps a bit of tobacco but the sweetness is definitely there, and it is absolutely lovely.

You can see how some people would consider this to be a fragrance for another generation because it does have an air of refinement and opulence. The ingredients are definitely high quality, much smoother and rounded than many crass synthetics put into popular fragrances today. Although it is a mainstay in all of their offerings the last however many years, it absorbs whatever other ingredients around.

I have yet to find a Creed that is all ambergris, and even if i did i don't think i would enjoy it. Bois du Portugal by Creed is a beautifully constructed product for those seeking a sense of austerity and warmth all the same. So enjoy!

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