Armani Code for Women: Perfume Review

Armani Code for women is a sweet mixture of oriental-like aromas with outstanding floral essences, which will leave you wanting more in the end. I would have to categorize this perfume a “night time” fragrance which can be both comforting and soothing for the senses at the same time.

It has a bit of a powdery smell to it while it is most definitely full of highly feminine and gentle qualities, all the same. At times you may smell a gingery scent, although this may be different for most people as they apply it on their skin. I always recommend to try fragrances on your skin first to measure your skins chemistry and composition before you buy anything. Armani Code for women is simply that, a code of attraction that you will experience from the opposite sex or if your are only trying to grab the attention of any situation, at hand.

The law of attraction is of this fragrance is limitless and perhaps one of the best benefits that you will ever achieve from Armani Code. Armani Code for Women reminds me of the woman that is truly sending out her signal or code in this case. A woman that invites that desired intimacy and love that she so greatly desires. An exciting touch to finish off the evening, no? The captivating thoughts a woman will possess while wearing such a scent is almost to the point of ecstasy and passion.

The bitter orange, Italian orange and sambac jasmine create an alluring surprise of fruity and citrusy delights for the senses. Next, the orange blossom absolute will tickle your fancy and allow you to fully appreciate the wonders that this fruityness itself has to offer. Finally, the vanilla and honey aromatic flavors set in to captivate the one who smells it most on you, while it provides the essence of a woman in itself.

My lady wears this perfume and I can tell you now that the scent that it gives off, is that of an inviting and illustrious aroma that beckons me to get closer and closer to her each time. Quite a remarkable perfume that she owns. I bring this to you ladies, as a highly recommend fragrance for the ages!

Top Notes: Bitter Orange, Italian Orange, Sambac Jasmine.
Middle Notes: Orange Blossom Absolute.
Base Notes: Vanilla, Honey.

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